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What To Consider When Buying Fishing Paddle Board?

2022-10-21 17:21:39

If you are considering paddle fishing and have questions about how to choose a good fishing paddle, this article will cover some of the basics you should know about fishing paddles and how to choose the best fishing paddle.


First Thing To Consider Is Stability


When it comes to SUP fishing, you do more than stand and paddle on the board. You'll need added stability to move between rods, lures, throws, and hopefully reel in some big rods without focusing on keeping your balance.


Stability depends mainly on board size, with emphasis on its width. Wider boards tend to be more stable, but of course, you do lose some maneuverability (though sudden sharp turns may not be on the agenda of a day's SUP fishing). The fin setup also helps with stability, with the 2+1 configuration being the most stable option. Finally, a well-constructed board usually adds some stiffness, which helps improve the stability and overall performance/durability of the SUP.


Removable center fin


If the fishing paddle does not have a removable center fin then you can remove the fishing paddle from your shopping list.




In that fishing-specific paddle boards tend to be heavier due to their width and size, having the right handle is critical to making transporting your board relatively easy in and out of the water. Having handles like the Seavya fishing sup is great because they allow you to get a full grip and handle on the board instead of an ergonomic handle that only your fingers can grab.




The best performing paddles will be those made from carbon fiber or carbon fiber blends. Lightweight but strong, these paddles will allow you to travel for miles without feeling like your shoulders will fall off (at least not that early) or you won't be able to fully grasp the water to propel yourself forward.


Our Picks For Best Fishing Paddle Board


Inflatable Fishing Paddle Board


-- This board is a great multipurpose paddle board, much like a larger all-around SUP. It is inflatable, can be used by riders of all levels and can hold 264.50lbs. This also means that it's also great for pets. It is also great for fishing.


Fishing Isup


- This is an excellent all-around inflatable paddle board that gives you all the bells and whistles you've come to expect at a great price. The hybrid shape combines the benefits of an all-around board with the extended glide and efficiency of a touring board. It provides excellent stability while still maintaining touring efficiency.