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Touring Paddle Board For Travel Enthusiasts


Touring paddles board is very suitable to people who want to travel near the water and are looking for speed, the paddles are very wide, with a pointed tip, which allows the paddle to cut more efficiently into the water and maintain the desired speed. Perfect for paddlers looking to go on long expeditions, coastal cruising, or just want to go on a family trip.


SEAVYA offers the perfect touring paddle board for families


The touring inflatable sup boards are perfect for adventurous folks and thrill-seeking families. Innovatively designed with a non-slip soft top deck for all skill levels to reduce accidents or injuries if you fall! The triple base plate fins help increase the overall speed of the board, one large fin is removable and two small fins are non-removable and fastened to the board for easy use by children, teens and adults. Suitable for travel in all weather conditions.

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