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Paddle board experience sharing

2022-09-23 15:19:27

Novices to play paddle boards need to learn first:


How to keep balance when the yoga paddle board is shaken?


After flipping, how to safely fall into the water with the correct posture?


How to adjust breathing and prevent choking after falling into the water?


How do I retrieve the paddle and get to the grips?


How do you use your limbs to safely climb back to the paddle board?




1. When falling off the inflatable sup touring, try to stay away from the paddle board and avoid falling on the paddle board.


2. Don't let your head go into the water first or straighten your feet into the water when you fall.


3. When the board side climbs the board, the foot kicks the water hard to help the body go up.


4. It's relatively easy to press the tail of the paddle board into the water and climb up.


Paddle Board Training Bill of Materials:


1. You must wear a life jacket and a foot rope, which is an important protection.


2. It is best to prepare a hand rope to tie the paddle, so as not to float away.


3. If you need to wear sunglasses, prepare the glasses buoyancy rope.


4. Wear quick-drying trousers for training to avoid fraying your knees when climbing the paddle board.


5. Wear diving shoes/stream-tracking shoes, all-inclusive foot style, to improve stability.


6. Outdoor training must bring a sun hat.