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Paddle Board Buying Guide

2022-08-19 17:36:56

Recently, many people have come to inquire about how to buy a green paddle board. This time, I will tell you about the idea of buying a paddle board and several dimensions that need to be considered:


1. Type of paddle board:


Paddle boards are roughly divided into two categories: hard boards and inflatable boards.

——Inflatable board: portable, easy to store, easy to maintain and repair, moderate price

——Hard board: storage space requirements are large, transportation is difficult, maintenance is inconvenient, expensive

Therefore, it is recommended that beginners do not consider hard boards and look directly at inflatable boards.


2. Paddle board size:


Beginners have weak balance, so the first paddle board can choose a leisure board with a relatively large size, which has good stability.

—— The standard size of the usually smaller leisure inflatable sup touring is Length: 297cm-305cm; Width: 76cm, Thickness: 15cm; This size can be used by people weighing less than 70kg

——If the weight is more than 80kg or two or more people are playing, the size can be larger. The reference values are: Length: 320cm, 329cm, 335cm, 353cm, 365cm; Width: 81-85cm; Thickness: 15cm


3. Paddle board material:


——When ordinary consumers buy paddles, they can use the "air pressure value" as a reference. The air pressure value of ordinary paddles is about 12-13PSI, the mid-range paddles are about 13-15PSI, and the high-end paddles can reach 15- 18PSI, the greater the air pressure value, the greater the hardness of the board, the faster, more stable and safer to paddle.