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How To Pick a Best Inflatable Paddle Board

2022-09-02 17:37:43

Paddle boards tend to have many options, from premium ultra-durable paddle boards with high performance and reliability to boards of lower quality and budget. For beginners, finding the right paddle can be confusing and even a little intimidating, and even intermediate and expert paddlers are often fooled by the marketing hype.


Weight and Width


There are two things to consider before choosing the type of paddle board you want: weight and width. Most boards have a weight capacity listed so you know how much it can hold. Another factor that affects stability is the width of the board. The wider the board, the more stable it is. A narrower board usually means it's able to generate higher speeds.


Yoga Paddle Boards


Yogis should choose this option as they are made with wide deck pads to help stabilize and provide better grip as you complete various yoga poses.


Fishing Paddle Boards


Fishing boards are wider and more stable to accommodate all your fishing gear.


Inflatable Paddle Board


Inflatable boards tend to be an excellent choice for many paddle boarders. For those who live in apartments, tiny houses, or just lack storage space, inflatables are easier to transport because they fit easily into most cars, can be hiked, or even transported by motorcycle or bike.


Your preferred sup activity or what you want to do on the sup board will determine what works best for you in terms of board length, load bearing on the inflatable sup board, etc. Will Sup Yoga become a normal activity? Then maybe a wider board and a more stable board is the right board for you. Especially with full length deck pads. Or will you use your inflatable boat for long distance paddling? In this case, travel boards are a good option for you, most travel boards tend to cover long distances. Better touring boards will have longer board lengths to help improve the stability of narrower boards. Everything from the sleeping bag to the stove is strapped on.


The premium inflatable board will feature Glide Fusion technology with a multi-layer military PVC woven drip needle core. Has a high weight capacity to properly float your body weight as well as any gear, dogs or other paddlers you may want on an inflatable board.


No matter what brand or board you choose, we at Seavya want you to have fun.


If you would like to know more about choosing an inflatable paddle board, you can also contact us for professional advice.