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Funny Facts about Sup For 2023

2023-01-06 15:48:50

SUP may have originally been called "lazy surfing," but it's now one of the most popular water sports, and we may one day see it in the Olympics. If you're a fan of paddle boarding and even thinking of investing in the best inflatable SUP board, then we think you're right to know more about this fun activity, so we've put together some fun facts - read on to learn more!


Paddle Boarding Has Been Around For Thousands Of Years


The act of pushing yourself on a kickboard actually dates back thousands of years, with examples all over the world in places like Hawaii, Peru, Israel, and Italy. In the 16th century, surfers in Hawaii had surfboards up to 5 meters in length that required paddles to operate. In Tel Aviv in the 20th century, lifeguards stood on broad lifeguards to allow themselves to see swimmers in distress.


Modern Sup: Where It All Began


Stand-up paddle boarding pioneer John Zapotocky is considered the father of modern stand-up paddle boarding. He has been surfing and paddle boarding for over 55 years. Even in his 90s, he continued to surf and paddle, making him the oldest stand-up paddle boarder ever.


Modern inflatable sup touring, on the other hand, was first discovered in Hawaii in the 1940s when instructors like Duke Kahanamoku would stand on their boards to get a better view of the waves and the surfers around them. The simple move seemed normal, but Duke didn't know he was about to invent a new sport. In the early 2000s, the sport exploded in popularity in California. SUP was later taught at Hawaiian surf schools in the 1990s and quickly became a popular activity.


How is SUPing different from surfing?


Paddle boarding and surfing may look very similar or very different to some people. Surfboards are smaller than paddle boards. SUP boards are more bulky because you need more buoyancy to stay on board while paddling. You also need a paddle to move around. You don't need a paddle to surf. Your paddle board can also be used for surfing. While paddle boards aren't designed for big waves, they can still be used for surfing.


Well, here are some more interesting facts...


Finding a sport that people of all ages can enjoy is nearly impossible. However, SUP is the perfect activity for everyone. In 2009, SUP became an official sport for both recreational and competitive purposes. Since its inception in 2009, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) has seen explosive growth in the United States. It is estimated that there are over 150,000 SUP enthusiasts in the United States alone.


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