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Fishing Paddle Board designed for hunting needs


Fishing on the inflatable paddle board has become a new type of fishing. Our inflatable paddle board provide anglers with exceptional maneuverability and easy access to hard-to-reach, high-fish populations. Whether it's the ocean, lake or river, fishing inflatable paddle boards will provide you with great fishing spots.


SEAVYA Fishing Paddle Board - Stable, Heavy Duty, Safe


Stability - Fishing requires a stable environment, our fishing paddles board can keep the board dry, the extra width and thickness help to achieve maximum stability, allowing you to fish carefree.

Strong load-bearing capacity - Fishing needs to prepare a considerable amount of equipment, so our fishing paddle board has an extra load-bearing capacity than ordinary paddle boards, which can easily bring a good fishing environment.

SAFE - Comes with built-in bungee cords and D-rings to secure your gear, tackle box, rods and coolers to the paddle board.

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