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9 Tips for new beginners

2022-08-12 09:33:42

If you haven't tried SUP, or stand-up paddleboarding, you can really do it this summer!


Touring paddle board isn't as wave-demanding and technically demanding as surfing, it's easy for the average person to pick up. Paddleboard is really a wonderful experience, if kayaking is breaking waves, then playing paddleboard is like riding waves, but it is standing up on the water, but the field of view is like a complete open general, such a thousand miles, relaxed and happy! Views are different, the world I see becomes really so different. Not only that, it's also one of the most calorie-burning activities ( it burns more calories than running, swimming, or surfing), but for the most burn, don't paddle slowly while sitting. Instead, stand up and try not to stop.


But for beginners, we must pay attention to the following points, although SUP sports is joyful, we must pay attention to safety first:


1 when playing youth paddle boards must tie the foot leash, even if the board will not float away, is the guarantee of your safety;


2 distinguish between the front and back of the paddle board, do not make a mistake, make a mistake will bring additional resistance to the shoulder, the impact of rowing;


3 tighten the core, make full use of the core muscle force to stand more stable and row more powerful; You can practice more to see where is your core position in advance;


4 When paddling, looking up at the front, do not look down at the blades and your feet, this action is very slow to paddle, it will be easy to get back pain, so be sure to look at your front view when paddling.


5 It is normal to be nervous for the first time. You can start with a kneeling position to find a feeling, gradually get used to the swing of the wave, find balance and then try to stand up. The kneeling position can be used to row more powerfully and faster when the waves are big or the current is bad or the physical strength is weak.


6 Your hand when holding oar to paddle must be lifted, lifted high enough,then your body becomes a line, the high start of the hand is difficult, but gradually accustomed to you will find that the padding posture is more open, your paddling efficiency will be higher.


7 Have enough knowledge of your paddleboard level and water quality. At the beginning, do not challenge the water surface with big waves, and watch the weather forecast and tide information in advance; Beginners are advised to choose a calmer lake or river;


8 even a master paddleboarder will also fall into the water, the water is not terrible and not a disgrace. If you lose your balance, you can quickly shift from a standing position to a kneeling position. If you fall into the water quickly, try to fall directly (as gracefully as possible haha) into the water instead of falling on the board, because the board is hard and will hurt.


9 Dressing according to the weather, water temperature and your own level: ordinary swimsuit can be worn in summer when the temperature is high, and dry wetsuit should be worn in case of falling into the water to keep warm. You should wear a life jacket when water is not good or when the water is up to your chest .