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5 Most Inspiring Paddle boarding Spots in Florida

2022-07-26 16:06:28

Almost every surfer has Florida on their bucket list. The views are breathtaking, the weather is friendly, and the paddle boarding points are endless. You've seen countless stunning photos -- and you should know, they're not ordinary. All paddlers dream of a Florida Inflatable SUP adventure. Even the locals are no exception.


1. Indian River Lagoon


Did you know that the Indus is not a single lagoon but a collection of three lagoons? It is rich in endangered species, with more than 600 species of fish, more than 300 species of birds, diverse vegetation and more than 2,000 species of animals.


Here you will spend time with dolphins and manatees. Or have a local guide take you to exciting places to paddle.



Kris Woodruff from Paddle By The Sea said: "We paddle on the Indus Lagoon at Vero Beach. There are several mangrove trails near our starting point and there are often bottlenose dolphins nearby."


Ken Smith from Paddling Paradise added: "Most of the time, we have a really good reserve. We're also next to the Indus Lagoon, which is a great place to do some downwind water skiing or really long distance paddling."


2. Fort Lauderdale



The beautiful city of Fort Lauderdale has many canals for boating and fantastic beaches. The "Venice of America" ​​moniker was earned for its well-developed network of waterways, with tropical mangroves, palm trees, and a rich and diverse marine life. It's the perfect destination for paddlers who like a quirky experience.


3. North Lake


Located in Marion County, North Lake is sure to bring you a unique paddling experience.



According to Sean Collins of Waterway Adventures, there's a lot of beautiful scenery and plenty of options for paddling. He said: “You can explore the mangrove trails alone, go to the beautiful West Lake, which is off-limits to boats, and enjoy the paddling while admiring the beautiful houses and moored boats. But don’t forget, when you’re soaking up the sun and fresh air, Keep an eye out for manatees, dolphins and turtles."


4. Oletta River State Park


"One of the largest urban parks in South Florida, Oleta River State Park is a 1,043-acre Florida state park located in Biscayne Bay, a suburb of North Miami," said Dane White of Oleta River Outdoors.



The park has some of the best paddling waterways for paddling in the mangroves, dolphins are often seen in the area, and you can choose to paddle to Sandspur Island, where you can easily spend a full day on the water.


Additionally, there are bike paths for riders new and old, and walkers and joggers can enjoy 3 miles of paved trails with views of the mangroves and waterways of a variety of birds and animals. "


5. Biscayne Bay


Here you will encounter local wildlife at all times: manatees, dolphins, rays and all the birds of Florida! Every stop is a great adventure.



This beautiful island has beaches that look like they're from a fantasy world, the setting is beautiful, the air is fresh, and if you want to do SUP yoga in a place that looks and feels like paradise, this is the place for you.


According to PADL's Andres Avello, "Key Biscayne is an amazing area, with mangroves and seagrass beds, that brings the kind of biodiversity you can see on SUP." If you're starting from the bay, bring Get on the rod. After paddling, be sure to bring whatever you need so you can spend the rest of the day at the beach leisurely, or you can choose to indulge in a meal at the nearby Ritz!


It's no secret that Florida is an epic place to start paddling. If you are a beginner, be sure to do your homework and be well prepared for your formal paddling. Here are some tips to help you get in the water and paddle:


· Plan your trip

· Start slow and accumulate

· Identify and avoid hazards

· Know your limits

· Pay attention to safety

· Stay hydrated